Friday, July 4, 2008

Past couple days...

Sorry it has been a while since my last blog. It has been a great last few days. Well,  when I blogged last I was supposed to swim the 100 meter backstroke the following day. Because of the time trial time limit and the amount of entries I was unable to swim it Tuesday and had to wait until the following day, Wednesday. To my relief I swam the 100 better in the time trial than i did in the meet, coming close to my best time with a 1:04.5. I was not thrilled with the time and would have loved to do better but I was happy. Then yesterday I swam my last and final time trial, swimming the 50 free. I was seeded last and came out with a best time of 26.7. I have been working towards breaking a 27 in the 50 for some time now and it was very exciting to not have only broken a 27 but also being able to walk  away from trials with a best time. Like I have said before this meet has taught me a lot about myself and the sport of swimming. In addition to realizing that I swim for myself this meet has taught me to swim each race individually. Each race is a different job. If you fail at one you don't have to fail at the next. 

Last night was special. Kathleen Hersey touched second in the 200 meter butterfly, qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Team. She is a friend from Atlanta and it was very exciting to see how happy she was. Her hard work paid off. 

Today, Chris swam. He swam well and seemed to be very happy knowing that he was done and retired from swimming. His warm down was sitting in the jacuzzi.

until next time... :) aubrey

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