Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hello ALL

I am not sure where to start so Im just going to from thr very beginning and please do not mind my spelling, well all know my spelling is horrible ;)

The flight was long! VERY LONG. I remember I was sitting next to Rodion (not Sergio because I would never be able to sleep) and I asked him how long again do we have because I felt like we were literally on that plane for 24 hrs, and he goes, he still have 8 more and we have only been flying for about 6-7! I thought we would never make it but we did and in one piece. We also got some special treatment from Ryans family which was wonderful! they greated us with scarfs and a big banner! It is funny because Ryan, Coach Jason and daniel didnt get such nice treatment like we did. Just shows how special we are!

We stayed one night in a hotel in Manila and then we woke up for morning training. I wasnt feeling all that well and got really sick later on during the day but Im not going to go in detail. We then drove to Lagune which is where we are staying right now and people drive crazy here!!!! GEEZ!! But the whole experience is amazing and I have only been here for 2 days. And I have to give it to Ryan, Filipino food is really good!

Me, Jason, Miguel, Ryan and Daniel were playing cards and I showed them who was boss so I think i needed to throw that in there! But I lost the second round but still.

The facility here is beyond what I thought! It truly is wonderful. Oh, and today there were the massage therapists that came in and we all got massages after training and proper stretching which helped a lot....and they are going to be there everyday so you can only guess where I would be!

We went to the malls yesterday and attracted enough attention because I guess they never seen a black girl and boy and a big white man before and also the fact that we were all over 5'7'' and everyone is under 5'...well not that short be close enough. i felt so giant

Thats all for now


Aubrey said...

dani!! ahh i am sitting here dying laughing with the height comment... sounds like you are having so much fun.. good luck and have fun!! miss you.. <3

Anonymous said...

Hello Dani,

My name is Katie ans my husband, John know your father from our life in St. Lucia as US Peace Corps volunteers. I just want to say we are cheering for you! Can you let us know what events and when you are swimming? We are a swimming family and I take pride in kinda knowing that you are swimming for ST. Lucia. Best of luck and hope to hear from you,

Katie Zawacki