Sunday, July 27, 2008


So sadly I have been separated from the rest of the Bolles group as i traveled to Singapore to be with the Bahamas national team. However i am not sad that i am here at all.
Firstly, the flight was MISERABLE, we took off from Atlanta, and flew over canada, over the north pole, down through Russia and then into south korea, (which took about 15 hours) where we stayed for about 30 minutes before hopping onto another plane which brought us to Singapore.
Besides the flight, everything else is great, our hotel is amazing, but still kinda confuses us. Everything in the rooms work via remote or a button, so to open and close the curtains you use the remote, and to change the ac you use the remote, so it kinda convenient, but at times i turn off all the lights in the room instead of just my light by mistake, and leave my roommate in the darkness while taking a shower. The food is amazing and we can basically eat as much as we want to. :)
At the pool they have four lanes for us to use only, and people constantly stare at us (probably cause i'm black) and try to get in our lanes, but as the time passes i feel more and more like an Olympian, because we get so much special attention and everything is basically done for us so it amazing.
I am having so much fun here and tonight we are going to a friendly soccer match between the Brazilian Olympic team and the Singapore Olympic team. It should be exciting.
I miss everyone back at bolles and i hope you all are enjoying your time off, and i miss all my teammates and coach sergio and coach jason, and i can't wait until we are reunited at the olympics!!!!!!
Bye bye

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Jamil said...

hello u probaly don't know me but I go to bolles and i am gonna be cheering for you hope u win actually u might know me bc ur friend Emilie talked to you about me lol but ne ways good luck