Sunday, July 27, 2008

First few days in my hometown

We've been here in the Philippines for two days. After a long, exhausting flight, we arrived in the Philippines. We went to this filipino fast food restaurant that i missed since i went to Bolles. After we ate, we went to my club team and it was a blast. Every Parent and swimmer was there and they were welcoming us. I was a little shy beacuse i am not really used to that kind of stuff. We trained there for two hours and then we ate at this club and stayed there for a long time chatting. I also saw my family there and i am so happy to see them. I still can't believe that I am here in the Philippines together with Coach Sergio, Coach Jason, Rodion, Dani, and Daniel. I am hoping that they have fun on there stay here so I am trying to make sure that they have whatever they need when they are still here. We are trying to give them a V.I.P. treatment here. In Practice yesterday, i still feel tired from flying and travelling but i did pretty well on my set. It was 2x400 on 5:20 descending to strong and teh 3x200 on 3:00 descending to Fast twice. I went 2:05 on the first fast one and 2:03 on the second. I felt like im not pulling anything but i am going prtty fast so i guees its a good sign and i've never been under 2:05 in practice in a long time since we started hard long practices for Olympics. So if Coach John is reading this, I went pretty fast so you should be proud of me! hahahaha! For now, thats all i have to say and i will right more happenings straight from the Philippines. :-)

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