Saturday, August 9, 2008

Please believe, you dont know Sergio, yet!!!!!!

This has nothing to do with Jowan (this was the second we walked into the stadium)

Some people say they know Sergio, and I was also one of them. But after last night I really got to know him so much better. We had the best time in the world. The closer we got to the stadium for the opening ceremony the more fun we were having. But let me start from the beginning. There were some issues with the attire, but nothing to complicated. So were suppose the share a bus with Russia, but the Russian felt more like walking (still don’t know why). We got to the arena were all the delegations gather before they walk out. It was this huge arena and we had to sit all the way up top. You could see from up there how everybody was getting all excited, it was amazing, but a whole lot of waiting though. I saw something amazing in the arena, a Filipino with a whole lot of style. Miguel had the Kanye West shades on, it was a Kodak moment. The night really started when they called out “Netherlands Antilles”. When we got out of the arena I saw the longest line ever. There were these Chinese volunteers that we having the time of their life and pumping everybody up. I never have seen so many smiles in my lifestyle. Even though Sergio didn’t know Papiamento(My native Language) he a [art of the group like he lived on Curacao all his life. When it was finally time to experience what I’ve been dreaming about for years now Sergio called his wife and kids and was talking to them on the phone while walking into the stadium. That man is crazy. I don’t have any words to describe what I felt when I walked out there in front of the whole world. And when China finally walked out and to hear all the people go crazy, that moment right there made me realize how big the Olympics really is. All the fire works, lights and spirit in that stadium was AMAZING. That is all I can say, maybe because I don’t have a big vocabulary. So that’s why I have some pictures to explain better crazy last night was.


Jowan Qupty said...

oooh serji....never gona change are u?? :P
miss u guys!

Anonymous said...

Jowan This one was for you my friend. I could not help myself and I want it to show the world the Jowan's moves :-)

Take care and CONGRATS at Europeans!!!!