Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Arrived in Beijing!

At last after waiting a year and a half and never ending hard practices, Beijing Olympics is about to start. We arrived here today and we went to swim in the Water Cube. It is amazing! It feels like you were inside a bubble! We swam inside and as always there is a lot of people in the swimming pool. I also saw my friends from South East Asia and I saw World Record Holder Laure Manadou! WOW! That is all I can say! We sat beside the Australian Team but Grant Hackett wasn't there. I also swam in a lane with Ryan Lochte. It was sweet but he is really wavy because we were both doing pace at that time. The Olympic Village is the best thing in the World! For all McDonald's lovers out there, it is for free here in Beijing! You can eat like a million Big Macs if you can. It is unlimited! We also saw the Bird's Nest and it is by far the best track stadium i've ever seen in my entire life. It is amazing! As of now, I'm still 10 days to go until my event so iI'm starting to feel that excitement and I'm also starting to feel good in the water. I'll try to get back before my race.

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