Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's about that time...

Hello all

With only 6 hrs until the opening ceremonies I am sitting here in the Internet cafe thinking, "My Dream is About too Come True." Who would have thought 2 years ago I would be on the verge of being at the Bird's Net at the Opening Ceremony representing my homeland? (On a side note Daniel is playing Video Games next too me!!)

These past couple of days have been very eventful. We were eating yesterday (of course free McDonald's) and the entire DREAM TEAM walked in. I got too meet Lebron, Jason Kidd, Melo and Kobe. One hour later, I see Ana Ivanovic and Nadal just walking around the village!!!!!

The pool itself is so amazing because everytime I walk in I can get free cookies!! haha jk It is a great honor to see the best of the best day in day out. You can't help, but be amazed to see your idols and great technique while they are swimming. One day we will try to take a pic of all the Bolles alum!!! (Nimrod, Brothaman, Anna, Dani, Daniel, Ryan, Gustavo, Yi Ting, Shaun, George, Omar etc)

Well swimming starts tomorrow!!!! Go Bolles!!!

PS: Ryan your it!!!! Ur the BEAN!!!

I love u Tracey



Anonymous said...

hi! were ana ivanovic and rafael nadal walking TOGETHER around the village???

Anonymous said...

Nice entry - I love hearing first-hand accounts of the Olympic village.

I second the need for more Ana-Rafa information. Were they together walking through the village? If they were what was their body language,etc. Because there have been rumors about the two getting it on together (even though Rafa has a girlfriend).

Lana said...

Wow, Ana and Rafa??? Why didn't you take a photo of them?? We would all love to see it!!

Lana :)