Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the games begin!!!!

hey guys...
So first of all i want to express how amazing these games are, but at the same time when we got to the pool last night and watched the prelims i was slightly disappointed with the fact that it just seems like a regular swim meet when you watch it from the stands. However this morning was CRAZY, watching the finals of the 400 IM , the 400 free and the 4 x 100 relay i started to get that feeling that WOW i am actually here. Tonight we have the first bolles people swimming, Dani, Shaune and nimrod and we also have the first bahamaian swimming so its going to an exciting night. I really think that this meet is a great experiance because i think that before this it was impossible for anyone to comprehend how goes into the olympic games. They have people here that just stand around just in case you need help, i dropped my bag by accident and four people ran to help me pick it up. I think that its just crazy to be here. The opening ceremonies was quite an experiance, to be part of something so huge and something that everyone watches around the world was just amazing.
Everynight when i go to bed i just thank everyone that got me as far as i got in the past four years, All the coaches as Bolles as well as the coaches in the Bahamas, the bolles families that took me in and treated me as if i was one of their children, every bolles swimmers who whether they know it or not, pushed me everyday in practice mentally and physically, the bolles dorms moms and all my friends. SO i just wanted to take this oppourtunity to say thank you to everyone for you help along the way :) and i hope i will make bolles proud when its my turn to swim. !!!

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