Friday, August 8, 2008

08-08-08 at 08:08 Everything will Start- Make a Wish!

Today 08-08-08 at 08:08 p.m. (close your eyes and make a wish) will start the Opening Ceremony of the 29th Olympiad and will be the beginning of what everyone thinks the best Olympic Games ever.

This whole experience is an amazing one. First I just want to let you know that I feel privilege to be here with our Bolles swimmers and in between so many amazing athletes. Also the Chinese people have done an amazing job organizing and making sure that everything goes smooth and that the athletes have the best situation possible to perform at the highest level.

For our Bolles expedition it has been an amazing journey. The Pre-Olympic Training Camp in the Philippines where we were treated very well was our first step. Ryan Arabejo’s mother and ant went out of their way every single day to make sure that we had first class treatment and that we enjoyed our stay in their country. I am amazed of how nice and everyone was to us while in Manila and while at the Trace College (training camp). From here I want to THANK Ryan’s family and especially his mother for everything they did for us. It was incredible experience and I sure hope that one day we can re-pay her when she comes to visit us in Jacksonville. The training went very well and I am very confident that it was the right choice for us and that now our swimmers are ready to do their best and really have a once in a life time experience here at the Games.

The Olympic Village and the swimming pool are top notch and it is an amazing sensation to see so many people from so many countries with the same passion everyday walking around, changing pins, taking pictures and getting ready for this moment in time that it is about to come for each one of these athletes.

Yesterday I had the chance to go with the Netherlands Antilles Delegation to the Flag Ceremony. It was a very nice ceremony and I was much honored to be there with Rodion and his country. It really made me feel special. There were 4 other countries at the ceremony and Israel was one of them. It was nice to see Nimrod and to see his smile knowing that finally he was going to become an Olympian. A lot of hard times these past few months for him but finally he is here and he has a chance to compete with the best in the world.

In few hours we will be departing the Olympic Village to go to the Opening Ceremony. Personally I am very excited to be part of such a big and important event. As an athlete I did not go to the Opening Ceremony in my hometown in Barcelona at the 92 Games and I am ready to enjoy and absorb as much as I can of this wonderful experience. I know that once I walk into the stadium I will get Goosebumps all over my body and who knows I may even cry ;-) I can’t wait to be next to Rodion and walk into what it is going to be the best Olympics Games ever. We will take a lot of pictures and we will make sure that we post them online for all of you to enjoy.

I will write again about the experience of the Opening Ceremony and I hope all of you are having a good break.


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