Monday, June 30, 2008

Aubrey's Debut at Trials

Today was not a good day for us. Aubrey got her debut at the US Olympic Trials and she did not have a good race. I know that she is very disappointed and I am also upset. But I told Aubrey after the race that we need to look at the positive side of the negative and we need to make sure that we learn from what did happen today.

First positive I see is that Aubrey is 16 years old and at least she has one maybe two more Trials under her belt. I am pretty sure that if she keeps improving with her training and keeps working hard at the next Trials she will be in a position to be a player (no pressure :-). Second positive that I see is that it is better to have a “not so good swim” when you don’t have anything to lose than if you have a chance to make the team. It is better now than in four years.

I know that training and taper is not always perfect but what I saw today was a swimmer that 20 minutes before "the race of her life" she was very nervous and tight (just my observation). Aubrey has been swimming better and better every day and even yesterday night she was swimming very fast and she was telling me that she was feeling very good in the water.

As a coach I am very proud of what she has done this whole season. I am upset because I don’t like to see any of the swimmers I coach upset and in such pain but as I said before we need to focus on the positive. I have the privilege of coaching Aubrey for two more years and I have no doubts that we will have many happy moments watching her swim very fast. We need to keep working hard and most important we can “NEVER GIVE UP ON OUR DREAMS”


Also thanks for all the support that you are giving Aubrey and Coach Chris.

Have a beautiful night.



The Neal Family said...

We are so proud of Aubrey!
Hopefully she will feel that
We are proud to have The Bolles School Sharks represented at the Olympic Trials.
Congratulations, Aubrey!

The Hamilton family said...

Aubrey, We know you will take Coach Sergio's comments to heart and turn this into a positive experience for the future. We are so proud of you and know you gave your best effort. Enjoy the rest of the Olympic Trials.

Elizabeth Saffell said...

WOW! Just to be there must feel like a dream come true! Aubrey you are an inspiration to so many of the "younger" swimmers on our team. My entire family is so proud to support you Aubrey and next time around we will be right there with you again! Keep smiling... we can't wait for you to be back home!!!!!